I am being told that it is a Wasa Lake Triathlon tradition for the kids to have much worse weather than the adults a day later, and no doubt, rain, wind, cold and waves with whitecaps on the lake greeted the kids on Saturday morning.

Mia (my daughter) one of the first timers is less than thrilled with the conditions. I don’t blame her, with weather like that I would honestly much rather be on the couch with a glass of hot cocoa myself.

Bravely she sets up transition and rolls here eyes at my OCDness when I make her walk the path from the swim course to her spot in transition three times. Cleary I have not gotten the memo that she is all grown up and an OCD triathlete dad is considered uncool.

The kids are being organized into age group ‘pods’ and this is pretty much the last I see of her. The Pod leaders are awesome, extremely motivated volunteers who make sure kids don’t get lost, are entertained and warmed up prior to their race and help with last minute questions concerns and tears.

The wavy swim is a challenge for all kids but especially for Mia who is spoiled by smooth pool conditions and has not had a lot of experience in open water – OCD dad takes notes…”must go swimming in lake more this summer”.

She comes out of the water okay and has a lightening quick transition. This is the surprise of the day: My daughter (who is traditionally extremely slow and needs major verbal encouragement (not to say yelling at) when it comes to changing into or out of anything) actually passes a lot of people in transition. OCD dad may have helped by supplying speed laces and a race number belt but really it is her who is doing all the right things at the right time. Maybe we can roll this over into every day life at some point – hey I can always dream.

She disappears with her mountain bike re-appears really quickly after. The 5km biking went by really fast. And she is smiling…wow mentally I am already buying a road bike for her, clearly she needs one now, it is unacceptable that she will be racing her future Olympic career on a 30lb mountain bike. Fortunately my wife is there to pull me back into reality.

Mia completes her 2k run like a pro and comes into the finish chute all smiles. OCD dad forgets all race analysis, bike buying aspirations and improvement suggestions and is simply super proud and happy about Mia’s achievement!

Sadly Finn couldn’t participate because he surprisingly got in to get his tonsils out just a week prior – so we will just have to do another race for both of them later this summer…maybe a small road bike can be found until then 🙂