After a long – way too long winter spring is finally here. The first outside road bike rides are in the bank! Apologies to all you drivers out there who have seen me crawling up the hill from Wasa to Kimberley in the past few weeks. From the looks I got it must have been majorly confusing to see a cyclist against the snow covered backdrop. And thanks to those who honked encouragingly (or in sincere worry about my mental stage?).

The first race in 2017 is Wasa (of course) which will be my last fitness test before going back to Coeur d’Alene in an attempt to be 30 minutes faster than last year and to qualify for the 70.3 worlds held in Chattanooga Tennessee in September. To help me with this I have teamed up with Angela Naeth our BC long distance athlete. She is a multiple times Ironman 70.3 champion and has won the North American Ironman Championships in 2015. She has agreed to join the cause and coach me for the next couple of years as I dive into more serious and longer distance racing. Her knowledge and experience will undoubtedly be super beneficial for me and I will try to channel her speed in my future workouts 🙂

Check out her website at – she is also available for personal coaching.

I am excited to get outside for training and racing and (much unlike all my cross country ski colleagues who had to observed my desperate flailing attempts at skate skiing with gritted teeth all winter) I am glad to see the white fluffy stuff go 🙂

Let 2017 begin!!