My second year of racing for stroke research has been completed and what a year it was.

I battled an Achilles injury which I (admittedly stupidly) did to myself by crashing hard in transition at our local Wasa Triathlon. Just 3 weeks later in Coeur d’ Alene which was supposed to be my qualifying race for 2017 my heart did crazy things, which, given the history and the very reason I am doing this quite frankly put a lot of fear into myself.

So I spent a lot of this summer getting ECGs, MRIs Ultrasounds and talking to cardiologists and I finally received the final verdict last week:  my heart is structurally sound but has some minor electronic wiring issues. The good new is that this will not stop me (as per doctors decision) from racing hard for the next little while, and there seems to be (at least at this point) no risk for me to meet the same fate as my dad did – any time soon anyways. It will also likely mean I will have to be on beta blockers in 10, 15 or 20 years.

This series of event has made me even more aware of heart related issues especially in connection with endurance sport. After this year of uncertainty I am keen and ready to pick up where I left last year and start into the all important 2018 season. The main goal overall all is still to qualify for Kona in 2018, so I will have to race extremely well in Whistler at Ironman Canda in July, my only chance to qualify for that Kona slot.