Happy 2018 – ah,  the beginning of the year – when we are all sugar free, gluten free, fat free and (as a result) mostly flavor free. We begin every morning with sit ups, chin ups and all kinds of other ups and the workout world seems to consist purely of fun things like the 100 days 100 runs challenge, the guppy swim challenge and all kinds of other challenges. I am no different…I am (*cough* once again *cough*) sugar free, TV free, sleep 8 hours a night and have (to be a great example to the kids) reduced my cell phone time, I’ll smile more, pick my nose less and will definitely achieve all of the other 348 items on my resolution list.

I was on a good path until about January 3rd (congrats to all who made it to January 4th or 5th or even further). By January 4th my list had drastically reduced itself to 4 items. A day later I was down to the last resolution – run 6 times a week. And I am holding on to that one pretty good.

Daily runs must consist of 30 minutes at a minimum (stole that rule from the 100 runs in 100 days challenge) speed doesn’t matter for the run to count – and as opposed to the original challenge I give myself a day of rest every week (after all I am biking and swimming too, right?).

I run in the dark a lot, and given that there is only 2 main roads actually cleared enough of snow to make for fairly decent run territory I am running along the main Highway a lot. Well Kimberly is Not New York, and the “main Highway” is not exactly filled with cars bumper to bumper but cars are fast and, well roads are slick here and there. Fortunately, thanks to Santa, I now sport a NOXgear tracer360 which is a device best described as “Burning man meets ultrarunning” and can really only be missed by the legally blind.
Naturally given that this is Kimberley I am now also known as the crazy blinking dude who runs along the highway (or not much better – the dump road) at all kind of day and nigh times… But ah well I got to get these miles in somehow, my reputation was never going to be that of a normal citizen anyways and I am consistent and I am starting to feel really good and in decent post Christmas shape in no time. Kona here I come…

As to nobody’s surprise flu season hits the household and the last week of January I spend on the couch with my daughter – too weak to protest her choice of time passing binge watching material – I challenge anyone who reads this to a battle of “Fuller House” knowledge. I pride myself in even having my mid season prediction of the season end plot twist come true – oh yes I am that much of a professional (or in all honestly the twist was so predictable that even in my fevery state there was no way of seeing it coming).

I am back on the mend now and have been able to sit upright and walk around almost all day today – baby steps. At least I have the first and only sickness of 2018 in the bag and can now train without any further interruptions all the way to July 29th – decision day.

Despite losing a week to sickness I swam 33.2km, biked 393.9km and ran 172.6km in 43:25 hours in January – miles in the bank….