How did this happen? It is May already…seems like I am no better than about half the people who signed up for a gym membership in January and have only gone a few times.

I had great intentions of a monthly update blog in January and here we are in May….shame!

I’ll blame it on winter though…my standard excuse for just about everything…it has been a long one and we have been battling the old snow well into April. Finally the last weeks of April and the beginning of may have proven to be somewhat spring-esque. And believe it or not I have been able to do some of my long bikes outside.

In a nutshell training is going really well, I feel stronger than ever and am all positive for the season to come.  Last weekend I got a good sunburn on my legs and the tan lines will be maintained razor-sharp (as per the rule #7 ( from now on.

It is only 11 weeks to go until Whistler and only 2 to the first test at the Calgary Marathon. I am excited and feel confident – I definitely have put the work in (increased my weekly mileage steadily since January and just put two weeks of running with just under 90km in). Despite the high (for me) weekly mileage I have stayed injury free so far and plan on keeping it that way.

I am missing the long long runs necessary for an actual Marathon preparation yet, a function of my preparation being all targeted towards the end of July. I will be going into the Calgary Marathon at the end of a pretty heavy 2 week workout block, so I am definitely not expecting a best time here. Goal is to run relaxed and get the mental check that I can do a decently paced Marathon (with some hills) without hitting heart rates that are too high and without really hurting myself.

Naturally, if a good time or placement comes out of this as a by-product I will not be complaining 😉

I am in a recovery week right now and in the mindset of recovering just as hard as I train I am thoroughly enjoying all the extra time I suddenly have to do things around the house or play some street hockey with the kids.

The Kootenay Fun5  race in Cranbrook is next on the weekend. Both kids will run there and I will stay with one of them – unless they tell me to pound sand and let them do their own thing.

Hope the weather will hold up for that and see you out there!