It finally happened – after years and years of heavy use my reliable old Garmin has finally given in to constant abuse.

It started with a crack in the screen which happened when I (extremely gracefully) exited a lake swim last fall, making (completely planned) contact with a rock under water. A full flooding of the watches interior and a good two days locked up in a bowl of rice the watch jumped back into service. The crack was professionally tended to (proof – the tiny blob of gorilla glue in the top left corner) and the watch lasted almost all winter until it started acting up – my guess is that the remaining moisture in the system in combination with runs at -20C was eventually enough.

Farewell dear suitcase on my wrist. You were the first high tech piece of equipment I ever bought and you have been my friend and my enemy, notoriously showing pace times and power data away lower that I thought you should show but, by doing so, keeping me honest and well prepared. I have yelled at you, left you in the rain hooked up to my bike in transition, buried you under my bathing cap in open water swims and did pretty much everything to you to push you to the edge of your performance – just as you pushed me.  We were a great team!

. IMG_6922