Spring time – time for the annual local fun run – the Kootenay Fun 5. Unfortunately Finn had to tap out sick and Antje had to work that weekend but Mia and I tackled the 5k race on a super beautiful morning with lots of sunshine and a ton of motivated people from Cranbrook and surroundings. It is always great and encouraging to see so many people come out to a local event like this!

In short, Mia’s fall (and a little bit of spring) training has payed off and she ran the 5k at a solid pace without ever struggling. She also improved form last years time by a huge margin, and felt much better during the race to boot.

I really enjoy running with her and hope I can look forward to a lot of runs yet. I also can’t wait for the first time she will beat me, although I’ll try everything in my power to push that date as far back as I can.

Finn, this goes for you just the same – you’ll have that cold beat soon and we’ll race together at the next opportunity!

I promise a huge tub of ice cream to the first of you two to beat me (running that is – you are too close in swimming already 🙂