In my blogs I usually write about how my race went, how training went how I felt how I suffered how I prevailed. Me, me, me….sure enough I am the one pushing rotating those arms in the water, pushing that pedal around in circles and moving those legs up and down on the run. But nothing of this would happen without the amazing support team that is my family. Antje and the kids, Finn and Mia, have been amazing along the way.


First they are the most amazing cheering squad out there; chasing from location to location, making the most noise of all, so that even when I can’t see them on the side of the road, I can definitely hear them. They make me keep running when the going gets tough. Those long days of cheering during an Ironman (I have only ever watched one myself) are harder than running the darn thing – so my hat is off to them for that!

The true and invisible support happens during preparation though – the list is endless but here are a few highlights that come to mind:

They let me disappear for those long long hours on the weekends, after work or before breakfast.

They are ready with chocolate milk after my hard training units, and with extra sugar loaded treats on those days when I took it one step too far.

They accept me dripping, yelling and screaming on my bike during those indoor rides, not to mention the humming and vibration in the house for up to 5 hours while that trainer is in action.

They deal with the fact that our vacation schedule and destination evolves around races.

They are my safety paddleboard on some of those long swims.

They have to deal with my mood swings, all the way from super high after those great races or training days to super low on the tough days where nothing goes.

They also let me drag them into volunteering at events such as the Wasa triathlon where they ran a complete water station (They even had their friends come out  to that water station and help cheer on and hydrate the runners – and donated the proceeds of that back to the cause).


Thank you so much for all the support and understanding – you are amazing! I can’t wait to go to Kona with you guys and I promise (uhm….after the race) it will be a real vacation with no mention of anything triathlon related 😉

cheering squad